Serious sports enthusiasts can now achieve the marginal performance gains previously only available to elite athletes, thanks to the mass market launch of patented PremgrippÒ sock technology by Tejay Sportswear.


This British innovation – favoured by international stars of football, cycling, cricket and rugby – grips the foot inside the sock and shoe to maximize power and weight transfer, delivering performance gains that can help athletes at any level raise their game. Tejay is rolling out the technology across a growing range of sports.


PremgrippÒ uses ‘Offset Foot Technology’ to marry offset grip areas inside and outside the sock, thereby maintaining constant and full contact with both the skin and the shoe to prevent any slippage. Along with anti-blister properties, the technology helps to stimulate nerve endings connected to calf muscles, which in turn promotes lower leg blood circulation and aids boot contact.


Socks with PremgrippÒ mould to the foot, offering fully elasticated feet and double density comfort zone padding to the ankle, sole and toe, along with corrugation in the articular area of the sock foot to prevent creasing. These features deliver both comfort and enhanced performance among wearers in their chosen sport by maximizing the effect of explosive power through the boot and during weight transfer.


Terry Smith, Managing Director of Tejay Sportswear, said about the launch:

“We have innovated and manufactured performance sport socks for over 20 years and PremgrippÒ really is the game changer. Athletes and professional sportspeople look for marginal gains to maximize their output and this sock technology is proven to do just that – now it is being made available to serious sports enthusiast to help them be the best they can be, irrespective of their level.”


The PremgrippÒ range of socks is tried and tested at an elite level and is currently being worn by top professionals in sports such as football, rugby, cricket and cycling. Now it is being made available widely across these sports, with other applications planned for launch in the coming months.