Energy Assets is celebrating five years of success in the industrial and commercial (I&C) electricity metering market.


Since acquiring Bglobal Metering in 2014 – and rebranding it Energy Assets two years later – the company has more than doubled annual I&C meter installations, added in excess of 100 people to its original headcount of 50 and significantly grown the number of meters under management.


David Sing, Group Managing Director (Assets) at Energy Assets, believes the impressive performance results from a clear vision for the business backed up by significant investment in its people.


“Initially, there were some legacy challenges, but as soon as people understood we had a clear, well-funded plan for the future, they bought into the vision…and we haven’t looked back.  Our people are today an integral part in the ongoing success of our business and are excited about the future,” said David.


The transformation programme involved every area of the business – and the results speak for themselves. Since 2014, Energy Assets has recruited and trained a 60-strong team of meter installation engineers, increased the customer service, data and planning headcount to over 100 at the Darwen office, and grown its electricity meter operator and data collection appointments consistently year on year. Last year the company showed growth of almost 135% in install numbers of I&C meters compared to when the business was acquired.


“We have made good progress, but what really excites me is the future,” said David. “We have a motivated, highly skilled workforce empowered to provide great service to our growing customer base of energy suppliers and end users.


“We have just launched our SMETS2 smart metering installation service targeting micro businesses, our core automated meter reading offer is growing impressively, and the value we create on behalf of suppliers and end users by collecting and aggregating consumption data will only increase as companies intensify their energy efficiency programmes.


“In addition, there are new opportunities emerging in EV’s and sub-metering, and we also aim to continue to add value through our electricity Meter Asset Provider (MAP) offering. These are exciting times.”